Introducing Multikator HW/SW R/D

Multikator  is a small hardware/software R/D company, which specializes in non-trivial projects, the execution of which require new ideas, experimenting, research, to meet extreme specifications.  The company has a long track record, among them many first-class references, some of which are beyond the scope of this short introductory note. It develops both OEM and end-user products for customers in Hungary, the USA, Germany and other countries, mainly non-PC based, industry-quality, hardware/software components / devices, focusing on instrumentation, data communication, automation.  On many occasions, Multikator has been successfully engaged to solve a problem after bigger contractors failed. The company is willing to work as part of a larger team on a module of a large project, or solve a project in its entirety too. 

The company works with a pool of approximately 15 on-demand specialists with different areas of expertise. It spends much of its income on up-to-date tools for development. The managing director, Andras Schwarz personally performs the main engineering tasks (finding the best technical solutions, breaking down the task into smaller sub-tasks for engineers with special fields of expertise, system integration, testing, commissioning.


Select success stories of Multikator GmbH


  1. Communication between the gas station fuel pump nozzle and the accounting system.
  2. Customer signature authorization system for Bank branch cashier's desks, which fits into a very limited space.
  3. Railway force measurement for air brakes with data communication (Bombardier, Hungarian Railways).
  4. Injection-molding shop: production data collection and communication (extreme operating conditions).
  5. Large bridge construction: date collection and control of the hydraulic system for positioning large parts (Danube bridge near DunaujvŠros).
  6. Special-purpose trucks: strain-gauge data collection in a wide temperature range and extreme operating conditions.
  7. Audi TT production line: control system for fluid dosage, based on values prescribed individually for each car.
  8. Interactive water fountain: fast data collection and transmission.
  9. Baroque pipe-organ of the Cathedral in Eger, Hungary: full computer control.
  10. Aral: pay card chip with custom operating system.
  11. Design of HF applications for a HF chip producer, such as a 433 -868 MHz Keelog Transmitters.
  12. SureTorque: special measuring instruments for fill-up tasks.

Technical Expertise of Multikator

  1.  Real-time, multichannel data collection for special applications
  2.  Hardware design for special applications, difficult environments:
  3. On-site data processing
  4.  Control on-site
  5. Data communication
  6. Example application areas
  7. Development tools


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